How to Turn live tile off in Windows 10

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    The Windows 10 randomly shows the user's photos in the Photos app block, set the Start Menu. The same occures with the e-mail application, calendar and several others. For those who do not feel comfortable with it, you can disable the function.

    Check out How to Turn live tile off in Windows 10.Thus, only the application icon will be displayed and you will not risk exposing your privacy to others or slide shows on a computer with the new Microsoft system .

    Step 1. Open the Start Menu and locate the application of the block you would like to disable;

    Step 2. Click the right mouse button on it and from the menu that appears, click "Turn live tile off ";

    How to turn off Live Tiles in Windows 10.png

    Step 3. Repeat for all the blocks you want to turn off;

    Step 4. If you want to reactivate the dynamic block, click the right mouse button on it and, from the context menu, click "Turn live tile on."

    Turn on live Tiles Windows 10.png

    Ready! With this simple tip, set the shortcut in the Start Menu of Windows 10 will show only the icon of the application without disclosing personal information.