How to adjust the screen brightness on Windows 10

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    Properly adjust the screen brightness helps save energy from the PC. If the computer's battery is running low, decrease the screen brightness will cause the machine lasts a few minutes. Also, using the right brightness is important to avoid discomfort in the eye. Check out the tips and see how to perform the configuration in Windows 10.

    Step 1. Click the battery icon to the left of the clock. Then go on the button with the representation of a sun to switch between the weak brightness (25%), medium (50%), high (75%) and maximum (100%);

    How to change brightness on windows 10.png

    Step 2. If you want to set a custom level of brightness, select "Power & sleep settings". The control panel will open. Slide the screen to the end and click "Additional power settings";


    Step 3. Finally, use the bar located at the bottom of the window to adjust the screen brightness.


    Ready. With these tips, you can set the brightness of your notebook screen with Windows 10.